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04 Aug 2016

Blosxom modules on Github

Apparently I’m one of the few people still using Blosxom to run their blog, the rest of the world having moved on to shinier solutions in the intervening decade or so, but I’m a curmudgeon who hates change. So here we are.

Quite a few of the sites that used to host various Blosxom plugins have gone offline, and finding new modules and their documentation is becoming challenging. Most of them aren’t being actively maintained, either.

To fix a few problems that I’ve run into myself, I created GitHub projects for two plugins, in order to make them more accessible and also perhaps encourage other people besides the original maintainers to work on them and contribute fixes. It seems like a low-effort way to keep the platform as a whole a bit more healthy than it would otherwise be.

In addition, there are some large collections of Blosxom plugins on Github; the biggest is maintained by Blosxom Fanatics in the Plugins repository. However, the repo only has a single commit, and seems to be more of a historical archive than a basis for continued development.

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