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01 Aug 2022

New Content

I’ve jumped back on the traditional-blog bandwagon, as I’m trying to wean myself off of big-tech social media in general and Twitter specifically.

One of the things I’ve been working on in my newly-freed-up time is migrating lots of notes and other bits of content that I created in my Evernote notebooks, and stick them up here on the blog, in case they might be of interest or use to someone.

So, as a result, you might see new stuff here more often! However, it might also look like crap!

It appears that the flavor of Markdown used by Obsidian, which is what I’m targeting when I export notes from Evernote, is slightly different from the flavor of Markdown used by Jekyll—at least the version I’m currently running. So stuff like tables and code blocks don’t look perfect yet.

But I am working on it, and we’ll see if getting Jekyll to play nice with Obsidian is enough of a pain that it pushes me to move to a different static site generator.