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23 Jul 2017

Jekyll Migration Complete

It took a while, but the migration of all the old Blosxom blog entries to Jekyll is finally complete. Overall, it wasn’t a terrible process – at least, it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be – but there were some hiccups and I’m still not entirely happy with the new layout, compared to the old one.

The old site might have looked like garbage on mobile, but I was pretty happy with it on desktop; this new template, while quite pretty, isn’t all the way to my liking so I’m planning to continue tweaking it.

Things I learned in the process:

Anyway, my intention is to continue posting things here when the mood strikes, for as long as it’s both technically feasible and personally amusing; hopefully that’s a good long time. And if Jekyll gives me as many years of service as Blosxom did, I shouldn’t have to learn a new back-end system for a while.