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16 Jul 2022

Obsidian HTML Export Options

Some notes on how to export notes from Obsidian to a website.


I think we’ll leave this one off. If I’m going to pay $20/mo., I might as well either get a nice VPS and do it myself on my own machine, or pay for a totally managed solution like the ‘official’ Obsidian Sync / Obsidian Publish features.


This looks like it might be worth considering. I’ve never messed around with anything in Rust before, though.


[[2022-07-18 Obsidian MkDocs Notes|I spent a day or so playing with MkDocs and Obsidian]]; it worked pretty well, but not perfectly. There were a couple things that MkDocs just doesn’t let you alter, and it’s not quite what I want.

My initial reaction was: “This seems like the easiest route to a decent-looking website, aside from just paying the Obsidian folks for their built-in sync and publish features…”


Described as “A fast and lightweight site for viewing files”, I guess we’ll figure out what’s behind Door Number 2: [[2022-07-29 Obsidian PineDocs Exporting to PineDocs from Obsidian]].