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05 Sep 2008

Obsessively Cool Site of the Day:

One of the strengths of the Internet and general and the Web in particular is the ease with which it lets an individual set up a site or page on a subject of interest to them, and share it with the world. Although that low barrier to entry opens the flood-gates to thousands of blogs (like this one), it also allows for vast amounts of information to be published on niche subjects by people who are truly passionate about them. is a perfect example of this in action. It’s a wonderful site – well-designed, easy to navigate, brimming with information – on a topic that I suspect most people would never cross paths with: a utilitarian drafting and drawing implement called the ‘lead holder.’

Now, I admit I find this sort of thing fascinating – I have an admitted weakness for precision tools in general, and drafting tools most of all – but even if you don’t share quite the level of interest in the subject matter that I do, it’s still a cool example of one of the greatest strengths of the web.

[Found via MeFi’s YoBananaBoy.] This entry was converted from an older version of the site; if desired, it can be viewed in its original format.