I realized today that this blog had crashed, again. It’s becoming obvious that I’m going to need to find some other hosting / server-side engine solution, because the downtime and associated maintenance (mostly due to Perl’s constant non-backwards-compatible changes, from what I can tell) are really not working for me anymore. I will try, as a Good Internet Citizen, to keep all the posts up and keep the URLs stable, but who knows what will happen. I may well just render the existing blog corpus to static HTML pages and call it quits. It has been a fairly good run at this point.

I’m already getting penalized by Google for not being “mobile friendly” enough, which I think I’ve decided I don’t really care about (in fairness, the blog pages look mostly OK on my Android device), but it’s yet another task that one has to do now if you want to put content online. The bar has gotten a lot higher from when I started this thing, at least it seems.

Anyway: the culprit today was a corrupted cache file used by the Blosxom Calendar plugin. Chasing this down was made more complicated than it needed to be, because by default the Calendar plugin stores its cache in a dotfile, which most of my other plugins don’t. No clue why; that seems like slightly unfriendly behavior.

I tweaked the configuration a bit so that the file is now regularly visible. Anyone else using Blosxom+Calendar may or may not be interested in the change.