Well, another month has gone by, and I still haven’t migrated this pile of bits to a better blog engine. And yet again, Perl + Blosxom + the plugins I’m using shit the bed.

The issue this time, for future reference, was:

File is not a perl storable at
line 383, <FILE> line 628, at
/blosxom-plugins/calendar line 322.

The solution, for the moment, was to simply delete the Calendar plugin’s cache (that’s what’s being referenced on line 322) and allow it to regenerate.

Why this keeps happening, I’m not sure. I hate to invest the effort to figure it out, when I may well be the only person left on the Internet using this particular combination of software, and the proper solution is clearly a migration to another platform.

But if you happen (by some chance) to run into this yourself, and this blog hasn’t crashed (or you’re reading somebody’s helpful cache of this page!), that is seemingly a temporary fix. A hacky fix would be to set up a cron job to periodically clear the Calendar plugin cache, which would at least put an upper bound on the amount of downtime that the problem can cause, but that’s … pretty ugly, even for me, and I’m largely immune to opposition to solutions on aesthetic grounds these days.