Since I think the probability that anyone out there actually reads this thing is fairly low, at least right now, I haven’t bothered to do much in the way of making it easy for readers to contact me. I realize this is semi-obnoxious behaviour, and I’m working to fix it.

I so far have hesitated from putting an email address up because I know it would just become flooded with spam anyway, and because people coming to this site from can already get an email address for me fairly easily there, and SDF members can simply send me an email address within the system.

But just in case there’s anyone out there who isn’t a member of those two groups, and would like to drop me a message, here’s a ROT-13 encoded address you can feel free to use: “oybt1.xnqva@fcnztbhezrg.pbz”. (Yes, it’s a Spamgourmet address.)

In the very near future, I may set up comments here on the blog. If all goes well and I don’t get too inundated with spam, that will probably be the best way for random passers-by to comment or respond, should they want to.