A little while ago I finally succeeded in getting mobile internet working through my phone, my Mac, and a USB cable. Although not exactly something that deserves to be in the software configuration hall of fame, the end result — internet on my laptop, via my cellphone’s GPRS connection — has a fairly good ‘wow’ factor. However, it’s not the sort of thing most non-technical people are going to be able to set up easily.

And so, with that audience in mind, I wrote up my experiences in the form of a “mini-HOWTO”. It’s a quick explanation of how to get one particular hardware configuration working, step by step. Since the hardware I’m using isn’t that uncommon (a bog-standard Motorola V3 “Razr” phone, with service though T-Mobile, a Mac laptop running the currently-latest version of the OS, and a mini-USB cable), I hope maybe it’ll be of use to somebody else, somewhere on the internets.

Permanent link here. I tossed it up there as GFDL, so if anyone would like to redistribute it, or use it as the basis for a more general HOWTO, feel free.