While this isn’t breaking news or anything, Jeff Starr has a nice tutorial posted over at PerishablePress.com, explaining how to set up a BlackBerry Curve as a Bluetooth DUN device with a Mac. This allows you to connect to the Internet from the Mac via the BlackBerry, provided you have a data plan that supports ‘tethering’. (This includes — to my knowledge anyway — all T-Mobile unlimited data plans including ‘BlackBerry Unlimited’, but only some AT&T plans.)

The solution is of the same form as for most other modern phones: a custom modem script that gets dropped in /Library/Modem Scripts/ and a CID string that tells the phone to open a data connection to the network.

The instructions are specifically for the Curve, aka the 8300, but a very similar procedure works for the 8800, with a slightly different modem script. (Also see this EnterpriseMac article.)